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Aberdeenshire Council


The Area Committee has a small budget which can be used to ‘top up’ other funding sources in cases where otherwise there would be inadequate funding to allow something to happen.funding

The use of the budget has to be within guidelines agreed by the Council and in line with themes agreed by the Area Committee.  These are listed below.

To apply, please click on the link for an application form;

and return it to: Area Committee Officer Karen McWilliam –

Criteria for the Use of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee Budget 2016/17 onwards, agreed by Area Committee (22.03.16).

  1. The budget should be used to enable the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee to respond to local needs by adjusting the level of Council Services within its Area and supporting projects which respond to local needs. Projects will be favourably considered if they  have clear evidence of community economic development and emerged from, or take cognisance of:

  • Community Action Plans;
  • Town Centre First approach;
  • The Local Community Plan (emerging)
    • Strong Communities,
    • Wellbeing, and
    • Connecting People.
  • Community Empowerment Act– in support of the assembly of business plans; feasibility studies etc.


  1. Under normal circumstances the maximum payment for any one project or initiative is £8,000.00.


  1. The Area Committee Budget should, in normal circumstances, only be used as part of the wider funding package with a maximum contribution normally being (50%) Voluntary/in kind contributions will be considered as part of the contribution of a project.


  1. The use of the Area Committee Budget is open to Council Services and constituted groups who can prove that a funding package is being assembled and cannot be met from normal budgets.


  1. The applicant must demonstrate that this is the final part of a wider funding package and that the money will be spent before the end of the financial year (31 March). This would not preclude an agreement in principle, earlier in the process, if that is of assistance to the applicant in attracting other funding.


  1. The Area Committee Budget may not be used to directly fund a continuation of a service or a grant which has been stopped or reduced as a result of budget savings agreed by the Council. It can however, be used to facilitate the transfer of such service delivery or facility to the community or other third sector partner.


  1. Where the funding level is in excess of £5,000.00 applicants will be asked to address the Area Committee. Applicants will be given advice on how and what to present to the Committee.


  1. The Area Committee Budget will not commit the Council to recurring expenditure and if there are any employee implications, the approval of the Director of Business Services will be obtained. Any proposal that has an implication on a Council revenue or capital budget will have this clearly identified.





  1. Recurring annual costs of a group or event will not be supported. The following costs will be considered on a case by case basis:
  2. Developmental costs of a new group that is being established with

aims consistent with

Council objectives (a)

  1. Setting up costs of a new event (a)
  2. Costs of a one off event which is consistent with Council objectives
  3. Event costs due to circumstances which could reasonably be considered as unforeseen (b) and (c)

(a) An application would have to provide evidence of longer term financial sustainability.

(b) Excludes cancellation, weather, poor planning and retrospective applications.

(c) An application would have to provide evidence that all other avenues have been exhausted.


  1. The Fund will close at the end of December to enable the end of year financial process to progress.


  1. A reporting and monitoring system is to be put in place and made available to the Area Committee.


  1. All applications must be agreed by the Area Committee.


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