Strong Communities

To build a truly effective community it needs to be stronger, wiser and more resilient, sustainable and engaged. The Community Empowerment Act seeks to enable this to happen in Scotland’s communities. Where communities are empowered we would expect to see a range of benefits: local democratic participation is boosted; increased confidence and skills among local people; increased community capacity; and more satisfaction with quality of life in a local neighbourhood.
Better community engagement and participation leads to delivery of better, more responsive services and better outcomes for communities. Further, our communities’ strengths and weaknesses, such as quality of life, amenities, infrastructure, and workforce skills, determine the potential of our local economy to support economic growth, enterprise and opportunities for all.

Key Outcomes
1. Communities are empowered and achieve better outcomes, sustainability and resilience.
2. Local communities and partners have greater awareness of the practises and principles of community empowerment, and have greater awareness of the implications of the community empowerment legislation.
3. Local communities and partners have opportunity to feed into the Community Empowerment Act legislation accompanying guidelines.
4. Local communities and partners feel supported and informed, enabling them to engage with and influence local democratic structures.