Local resources

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K&M Inventory of Resources Available to Community Groups 
A list of resources and equipment available to borrow or hire across K&M.







effectivegrouppacklogocropK&M Effective Community Group Pack
A pack for new and existing groups with information on:
1.Starting a new group
3.Role of the Chairperson
4.Role of the Secretary
5.Role of the Treasurer
7.The Annual General Meeting
8.How to be an effective committee member
9.Use of sub committees or working groups




Kincardine and Mearns Volunteer Noticeboard launched on Facebook
Following workshops KDP held along with our partners through the Aberdeenshire Council Local Learning Partnership Group there was established a need for a one stop shop for Volunteers and Volunteer Opportunities…KDP have been sharing any volunteer related posts we see but we hope that this dedicated page will grow a useful network where volunteer opportunities can be promoted and potential volunteers can put a shout out along with any other useful information. Please like and share as widely through K&M as you can

The Aberdeenshire Crisis Handbook was produced by Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureaux to support the growing needs around welfare changes, financial difficulties and food poverty.



Want to make your voice heard?

Why not consider joining your local Community Council? To download a nomination form, click here.


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