New Website to provide support to anyone affected by alcohol and drugs in Aberdeenshire www.aberdeenshirealcoholdrugs.support

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Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) have a new website to help support anyone affected by alcohol and drugs in Aberdeenshire. The online resource www.aberdeenshirealcoholdrugs.support aims to provide information and signposting to a range of support services and organisations across Aberdeenshire and nationally.

The website was developed in response to feedback that there was a lack of information in an easily accessible format on what drug and alcohol support was available and how to access help when it was needed. The ADP have worked with service users, family members and people in recovery to make sure that the information on the website is useful, easy to understand and access.

The resource aims to help people using any drug including alcohol, whether worried about their own drug or alcohol use, a friend’s use or family member’s use. www.aberdeenshirealcoholdrugs.support provides a one-stop shop for information on support, treatment and recovery. Within each section, people can find out more about a particular area of support and advice and then clearly see which organisations provide this support and their contact details.

The Aberdeenshire Alcohol Drugs Support website will always have the most up to date information on the Substance Use Service Gateway in Aberdeenshire. . The Gateway is part of the NHS and Council Substance Use Service team and provides confidential, non-judgmental assistance towards the right treatment, support or information. The GET HELP button either the Alcohol or Drugs section of the website displays phone and email details as well as arrangements for drop in facilities around Aberdeenshire.

Professionals and agencies can help any of their clients to engage with the Alcohol or Drug Use Service by calling 01224 558844 or email to nhsg.kessockclinic@nhs.net (North Aberdeenshire) nhsg.grampianscspa@nhs.net (South and Central Aberdeenshire)

Sci-Gateway and Track Care can also still be used for referrals from NHS.

Print materials, posters and cards, promoting the website and access to the Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Service will be delivered to agencies soon. The ADP would be grateful if these could be displayed widely and offered to people who might need help with their alcohol or drug use in Aberdeenshire. To get a supply or resupply contact aberdeenshire.adp@nhs.net

The ADP have identified a wide range of information that they think is useful to people and communities however they welcome approaches from services, groups, community members with information to add or changes to make. Please use the website to share your own news. Send news items and suggested changes to the adp email above. 

The ADP South community forum is holding its AGM on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 from 1pm – 4pm at West Church in Banchory, AB31 5TB.

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Please join us for a sandwich lunch prior to the meeting from 12.30 onwards. 

It would be great to see as many of you as possible as we look to appoint new committee members for the Aberdeenshire ADP South Community Forum.

Sadly, our chair Jean Henretty and our secretary Kirsty Greenhowe have both announced that their period of commitment to the South Forum committee has come to an end and that they will stand down at this meeting. I am sure you will all join me in thanking them for all their work and input over the past year and wishing them well for any new ventures.

This means the South forum committee will as of May have 2 vacancies, the chair position and the position of secretary. We encourage any interested forum members, and in particular community members, to consider this great opportunity to take up a role within the forum committee and to be actively involved in shaping the work of the forum.

If you would like to stand for our committee, then please contact kirsty.forrester@aberdeenshire.gov.uk  no later than Friday 21st April 2017.

If you require more information about these positions before 18th April 2017 then please get in touch with Tanja.Mehrer@aberdeenshire.gov.uk .

Also, if you or anyone you know requires transport to the meeting please get in touch and we will see what we can do!

‘Support in your community’

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Following on from “what does recovery mean to you,” another fantastic clip from community members

– support services and peer support available in North Aberdeenshire

Please use the youtube link below:

‘What does recovery mean to you?’

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North Aberdeenshire community members speak about recovery.

Please use the youtube link below to see yet another fantastic film clip produced by Community members in recovery.


ADP Recovery Week

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Day Venue Time Activity Led by

12th September




12th September




12th September



Monday 12th September


The Town Hall




The Town Hall




Stonehaven Community Centre



Stonehaven Medical group

















Recovery café.

Soup and a sandwich



Introduction to SMART Recovery



Bake, meet and greet




Patient Participation Group evening meeting

















Tuesday 13th September The Barn

Woodend Barn Banchory







Welcome and refreshments

NEOS art exhibition and meet the local artists


Yoga & Mindfulness in Recovery – How They Can Work for YOU





Emma Kidd *

Wednesday 14th September Outside Hall

Stonehaven Community Centre

Bath Street






Welcome and refreshments



Yoga & Mindfulness in Recovery – How They Can Work for YOU.





Emma Kidd *


Thursday 15th September


Deeside Activity Park


From 12.00 Various activities including Go Karting and lunch.

Please note;

This event is for Recovery Groups accompanied by Support only.




Friday 16th September Stonehaven

Meet at The Square Stonehaven

1.15pm Trip on the land train with refreshments. Bev









Understanding Stigma: Learning Days

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Understanding Stigma Learning Days: Promoting Inclusive Attitudes and Practice:

Dates: 22nd September, 27th October & 15th November.
Venue: Staff Home, Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen, AB15 6XS.

This one day learning and development opportunity will give participants a distinct set of
knowledge and skills to help them understand and address alcohol and drug-related stigma. Read the rest of this entry »

Scottish Mental Health First Aid: Young People

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Scottish Mental Health First Aid: Young People

Tesco Community Room – Inverurie

Tuesday 24th May 2016

The Spark now has a trainer able to deliver the above course in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.  If you require an in-house course or would like to take part in an open course please get in touch with Emma Cameron at The Spark on e.cameron@thespark.org.uk or 07760257038 for more information. We have an open course on Tuesday 24th May 2016 in Inverurie.

For those working/support or volunteering with 11 – 17 year olds, this is an evidence learning course for adults to provide initial support; in a crisis and non-crisis situation.

This course does not train you to become a counsellor or mental health professional.  It is designed to teach you to better understand mental health and how it affects young people, as well as learn mental first aid skills such as:-

  • How to recognise the signs of mental health problems or distress
  • How to ask about mental distress
  • How to provide initial support
  • How to guide a young person towards appropriate professional help

The course also aims to show how mental health first aid can be applied in a crisis situation involving a range of common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide and substance misuse.

This 14-hour training course is designed to increase understanding of

mental health and how it affects young people. The course requires several hours of personal CPD both before and after the training day in order to complete the course requirements. The personal learning part of the course is done through the e-learning zone on the SMHFA –YP website.

The Cost is £75 per participant for the 14 hours CPD (including 1 day training).







Improving the Quality of Drug and Alcohol Service in Scotland

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transport adp

Small Test of Change Fund

The Scottish Government is making available small sums of money to encourage and support improvement in the quality of drug services. We are  looking to invest in local small tests of change which contribute to our ambitions to build and strengthen recovery orientated systems of care (ROSC) across services throughout Scotland and support implementation of The Quality Principles: Standard Expectations of Care & Support in Drug & Alcohol Services.

A maximum of up to £3,000 (non-recurring) will be available per application (if successful). The concept of “small tests of change” stems from the Scottish Government 3-step Improvement Framework for public services. More detail can be found via: http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0042/00426552.pdf.

Partnership applications are welcomed. It is expected that the lead bidder will be a third sector provider. It is also expected that applications received will sit within at least one of the following priorities; Prevention, Education, Harm Reduction and/ or Quality Improvement.

All applications should be signed-off by the local ADP. It is expected that any funding application received will clearly align to an outcome agreed as part of a local improvement work underway in your area. The ADP team in your area should be able to support you with this

Deadline for applications and review process

This will be a rolling fund with applications received on a quarterly basis. The closing date for this round of applications is: 29th January 2016.

All applications received will be reviewed and successful bids will be notified within 4 weeks. Light-touch feedback will be provided to any unsuccessful applications. Read the rest of this entry »

Vacancy, Secretary – Aberdeenshire ADP South Community Forum

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transport adpThe Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership has three Community Forums, North, Central and South, where people meet and create local solutions to local needs around drugs, alcohol and recovery. With a very high level of community engagement, each forum has a dedicated support officer, a budget of £20,000 and a vibrant bunch of local citizen activists.

We currently have a vacancies for a Secretary  in our South Community Forum and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this exciting opportunity with interested parties. This is an opportunity to make a huge difference to communities in Aberdeenshire. Read the rest of this entry »

Drug Proof Your Kids Course Stonehaven Starting October 26th

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Parents are the strongest, single influence in a child’s life… lf you don’t talk to your kids about drugs, who will?

‘How to Drugproof your Kids’ is a FREE course that equips parents with the information and skills they need to encourage their children to form a responsible attitude towards drugs, including cigarettes and alcohol, steering them away from their harmful use.

It is being held at Stonehaven Community Centre
Monday 26th October to Monday 30th November 2015
From 7pm to 9pm for 6 weeks

It’s a fun and interactive community course developed by the national charity ‘Care for the Family’.  Session Topics inlcude

  • Parenting through prevention,
  • building a strong foundation,
  • creating integrity and responsibility,
  • communication and participation,
  • creating a ‘safe network’ and peace of mind,
  • recognition and affirmation

The course is free of charge.  Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
Contact Stonehaven Community Centre, 01569 762688, for more information or to book a place.

A sober affair – Transport and the Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP)

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transport adp

For most of us, getting to the doctors or a health appointment isn’t an  issue. We might drive, get a lift with a friend or family member, or get  the bus or train. We might be disgruntled over the frequency of the  buses, or indeed the cost, but nonetheless we would get there.

But what if we weren’t able to get a lift, or couldn’t afford the bus? We hear about how transport is an issue for the ADP and an initiative they have come up with try and address it.

The APD – what is it?

Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) is a collection of public bodies and citizen activists seeking to draw together interested parties to collectively tackle the issues associated with problematic alcohol and drug use and support recovery from addiction.

 Key Messages

The ADP’s three key messages are:

  1. Addiction can affect anyone. Difficulties with alcohol and drug misuse do not tend to occur because people have been hedonistic or irresponsible. They are more likely to occur because people are trying to cope with significant difficulties in their life and may also be affected by a range of fundamental disadvantages in life, including isolation.
  2. Recovery from addiction is possible. People should be hopeful that with support, they can follow a pathway of recovery that leads to a happy, fulfilling and contributing life. Some of the most inspirational and serene people you can meet are those who have pursued a recovery journey.
  3. Stigma and inequities in access to support can inhibit recovery and make addiction worse.

What does the APD do?

Aberdeenshire ADP works with communities on issues of prevention, public protection and recovery. The ADP has an active agenda to involve and engage citizens in improving support services and contributing to their delivery.

 The ADP and Transport – what’s the link?

For the last few years, a common response from citizens has been that the availability and affordability of public transport in Aberdeenshire has been a barrier to people accessing the services and support of the ADP. Not only this, but it restrains people from regular aspects of community life which are necessary to engage with the wider community and pursue a journey of recovery.

Substance misuse services aim to support people who can afford to access their services but this isn’t always possible.

How are we resolving these issues?

The ADP’s 3 community forums have tried to support people in need by providing funding for bus passes but have struggled with obtaining funding. Meanwhile, the has ADP sought to influence Transport Scotland to open the existing concessionary travel scheme for older and disabled people to include those actively working to recover from addictions. The current criteria for entitlement are here: http://www.transportscotland.gov.uk/public-transport/concessionary-travel-people-aged-60-or-disability

Similar requests from a number of other ADP’s across Scotland led to Transport Scotland agreeing in October to support a pilot project in Aberdeenshire to test whether temporary dispensations to the concessionary travel schemes would result in improved engagement and recovery outcomes for alcohol and drug clients in order to influence future policy.

How does the Pilot work?

The pilot commenced on 2 December and will run until end March 2015. The pilot enables certain staff in Substance Misuse services to assess whether difficulties in accessing affordable transport are a real barrier to someone making progress on one or more aspects of their agreed recovery plan.

If so, the staff member is able to authorise the person’s application for concessionary travel and will record their deliberations on a simple spreadsheet. This data will be evaluated at the end of the pilot to assess whether the rate of engagement in recovery activities such as care and treatment appointments, mutual aid, or other activities directly related to supporting recovery has increased and whether this has resulted in improvements in individual’s recovery progress.

If we can show that access to concessionary travel support enhances people’s recovery, we hope to persuade government to change eligibility for the scheme on a permanent basis. We hope the business case will stack up and that stigmatising views about people in recovery don’t get in the way.

For more information on the ADP please visit: http://www.aberdeenshireadp.org.uk/ or follow the ADP on Twitter: @abdnshireadp