Month: September 2014

Music-Making & Fun for 0-7’s

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Do you have the next Mozart or perhaps Liberace tinkling the ivories? Maybe singing is more their thing? If so, read on to find out more about the early years musical experiences on offer in K & M.

 TootersTooters have been delivering unique and exciting music sessions to children aged between 0 and 7 years across the North East of Scotland since 1999. The weekly music sessions for parent/carer and child provide an early years’ music programme that reflects current educational developments but also draws on approaches to music education that have been used for many years. All Tooters’ activities are devised to appeal to the child of today, but have an underlying musical and developmental objective. However, at the heart of the Tooters’ ethos is enjoyment, with the emphasis on having fun in a warm and welcoming environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Mearns Academy – Moving On, part 3

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Was truancy a problem in the past? Read on to find out.


Attending School

Today, quite rightly, consistent attendance by pupils is seen as one of the key benchmarks of a school’s success. Thankfully, attendance at Mearns Academy remains very strong with some young people going through school for six years with a 100% attendance record. Read the rest of this entry »

Mearns Academy – Moving On, part 2

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Enjoy the second installment of the history of Mearns Academy…


Changes in Accommodation       1895 – 2014

Progress continues with the new building and from August, Mearns Academy will be sited on the brand new Community Campus. The facilities for learners will be excellent and indeed the whole community will benefit from the site including a community library, theatre and hugely improved sports facilities. Read the rest of this entry »

Listening & Learning – To Improve Our Healthcare

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A ‘Stronger Voice’


The ‘Stronger Voice’ project comes as a response to the recognition that we need to involve the people who need and use health services in their design and delivery.  This way of working has been developing over a number of years, it has been a challenge to the ways things have been done but a lot has been learned about how to do it properly.  Read more about the Stonger Voice project here.  Read the rest of this entry »

It’s that time of year again…..

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Adult Learning Classes Starting Sept 14


It’s that time of year again. Are you going to while away some of the winter hours by picking up a new skill? Master new technology?

As ever, there is a variety of courses on offer during evening or daytime at Stonehaven Community Centre and other venues in Stonehaven and Inverbervie. Read the rest of this entry »

Mearns Academy – Moving On

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The building of a new Mearns Academy has brought a fantastic facility to the Mearns,    for both the school community and local community. The rector who oversaw this  change, Ian Parkin, wrote a series of articles about the history of the school. We are  delighted he is happy for us to share them with you on the K&M Communities site. Read the rest of this entry »

Do good buildings make for better educated children?

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Do good buildings make for better educated children?

Buildings can’t get children through Highers, or enthuse them with literature in the style of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. They can’t galvanise a school football team to achieve unimagined success. But they can make a huge difference to teachers’ abilities to bring such things about.

o-ABANDONED-PLACES-facebook It’s relatively easy to show how much harm bad buildings can do. The wrong kinds of      corridors can create havens for bullying. Tatty, dysfunctional structures can demotivate  and demoralise. A leaking roof, undersized classrooms, or poor heating put direct  obstacles in the way of a school’s success. Physical environment that shows no sign of  care or pride can communicate the same lack to the people who use it. Read the rest of this entry »

All I Really Need To Know….

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fb logoAll I Really Need To Know…….

We’ve all heard the phrase “all I really need to know I learned in nursery”, right?

Do you agree? Or, do you feel “every day is a school day”, and lifelong learning is important? Do you recognise opportunities to learn every day?

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” – Albert Einstein.

So, did Einstein have it right all along? Read the rest of this entry »

Always Learning – Competition Time in K&M!

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Poster Always Learning

After our Be Active photo competition we have another one for you!

The theme of this competition is Learning.

We have weekly challenges for you to solve! Read the rest of this entry »