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Linking Generations

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Connections between generations are proven to enrich the lives of both young and seniors in long-lasting and meaningful ways.

When young people find ways to engage and develop relationships with the elderly, these experiences can build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and encourage a lifelong commitment to volunteering.

For seniors, intergenerational connections provide the opportunity to transfer knowledge and wisdom, acknowledge self-worth, and feel they are contributing members of society.

In today’s world, many young people are experiencing less interaction with seniors because of homogenous neighborhoods, dispersed extended families, and increasing segregation of seniors living in care facilities or in isolation

Some of the benefits of intergenerational work include:

  • Creation of age friendly communities.
  • All generations have a lot to both teach and learn from each other and contribute to lifelong learning.
  • Tackles issues around stereotyping and ageism.
  • Increases understanding and respect between older people and younger people.
  • Chance to make new friends and combats social isolation.


Mental Muscle

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Mentally strong kids turn into resilient adults who are equipped to tackle whatever life throws their way. Challenges, hardship, and setbacks are inevitable. Teaching kids to build mental muscle can make them resilient. It’s also the key to helping them reach their greatest potential in life.

Here’s three things you can do to help equip your kids for the future.

  • Teach your kids to think realistically

Children need to develop healthy self-talk. Simply thinking positive isn’t the solution, this doesn’t prepare children for real-life challenges. A child who can reframe negative thinking by coming up with a solution is more resilient. For example, instead of saying I’m going to fail that physics test, a resilient child will tell herself I can pass this test by

Teach children to challenge their negative thoughts and prove themselves wrong.studying hard and asking for help.

  • Teach your kids to manage their emotions

A national university students found that more than 60 percent of young people don’t feel emotionally prepared for the realities of life. They lack the skills to deal with uncomfortable emotions, like loneliness, sadness, and anxiety.

It’s important to educate kids about their emotions and how those emotions influence them. A child who can say, “I’m feeling anxious and that anxiety makes me want to avoid scary things,” will be better equipped to face his fears. He’ll also have a better understanding of how to cope with his emotions and he’ll have more confidence in his ability to handle discomfort. Validate your children’s emotions and teach them they have choices in how they deal with their feelings.

  • Teach your kids to take positive action

Thinking realistically and feeling good are only half the battle. Kids also need to take positive action. Unfortunately, many parents are quick to rescue kids from their struggles. Or they micromanage their daily activities. And consequently, kids don’t learn to make healthy choices on their own.

Proactively teach your kids problem-solving skills. Show them they have the power to make a difference in their lives and in other people’s lives.

Flex your mental muscles, it’s worth it.

Stonehaven Young Peoples Health and Wellbeing Event

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4.30 – 7pm Tuesday, 5th September 2017, Mackie Academy
This free community event is to promote and inform adults about key aspects of our young people’s health and wellbeing. With partners across education and health sessions are being offered on:

  • Social Media
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Fast and easy cooking for the family
  • Young People and Sleep
  • Mindfulness

Conversation Cafe – If you can only spare a short time come in and visit our information stalls, chat with the teams and friends over a cup of tea and healthy nibbles.
You can book onto these sessions by phoning 01569 762071 or online at: from Monday, 21st August to Sunday, 3rd September 2017

Two Great Opportunities for Young People

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See below for information on a brand new young people’s funding stream connected to the 2018 Year of Young People.

Developed by EventScotland and Young Scot, the Create18 funding programme is open to groups of three or more young people, aged 8-26, from all across Scotland to stage their own events.  Create18 will distribute £42,000 of funding through grants of up to £1,000 for each event.

Event ideas could include film festivals to gigs, theatre and dance performances to art exhibitions, sports competitions, fashion shows and nature trails. The fund will be administered by Young Scot and decisions will be made by a panel of young people with support from Young Scot and EventScotland.

The Year of Young People 2018 is the next in the series of Scotland’s Themed Years. It aims to inspire Scotland through its young people, celebrating their achievements, valuing their contributions to communities and creating new opportunities for young people to strive for success.  For more information including a full press release – click here

To apply for Create18 funding, visit         

Getting it Right for Every Child

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The Health & Social Care Alliance, Scotland is providing a free ‘Getting to Know GIRFEC’ workshop on 13th December, 1.30pm – 3.30pm, Café Coast, Beach Boulevard, Aberdeen, AB24 4HPgirfec

These Training the Trainer workshops are aimed at third sector organisations working directly with children, young people and parents. Participants will be equipped to cascade information to children, young people, parents and colleagues. For more information, or to book a place, please contact Sarah Wardrop on 0141 404 0231, or email

Scottish Mental Health First Aid: Young People

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Aberdeen Health Village, Frederick Street,

Aberdeen AB24 5HY

Tuesday 27th Sept 2016 or Monday 28th Nov 2016


The course was developed as a mental health equivalent of physical first aid for those working, supporting or parenting 11 – 17 year olds.  SMHFA/YP is an evidence learning course for adults to provide initial support; in a crisis and non-crisis situation.

We are running 2 courses in Aberdeen to meet the demand.

This course does not train you to become a counsellor or mental health professional.  It is designed to teach you to better understand mental health and how it affects young people, as well as learn mental first aid skills such as:-

  • How to recognise the signs of mental health problems or distress
  • How to ask about mental distress
  • How to provide initial support
  • How to guide a young person towards appropriate professional help

The course also aims to show how mental health first aid can be applied in a crisis situation involving a range of common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide and substance misuse.

This 14-hour training course is designed to increase understanding of mental health and how it affects young people. The course requires several hours of personal CPD both before and after the training day in order to complete the course requirements. The personal learning part of the course is done through the e-learning zone on the SMHFA –YP website.

The Cost is £75 per participant for the 14 hours CPD (including 1 day training).  To book a place on either course please email or contact Emma Cameron on 07760257038 or at stating which course date you are interested in. Spark

As & When Project Worker 1 Aberdeenshire

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Area(s): Scotland

Based: Barnardo’s Works, Aberdeenshire

Salary: £9.23 per hour

Closing date: 16/09/2016

Barnardo’s Works Aberdeenshire supports young people age 16 -24 years to access employment and training opportunities that meet their interests and career aspirations.

These sessional roles will support young people in rural areas of Aberdeenshire as part of our team. Our service is trying to build a network of sessional staff to deliver 1-1 work or small group work in small clusters across Aberdeenshire.

You will support young people into training, education or employment opportunities that meet their own aspirations and experiences.

The successful applicant will work with young people who are furthest removed from the labour market both in group and 1:1 settings and support them to achieve their goals.

There will be a requirement to engage with other professionals, agencies and stakeholders and to promote our services and young people to a variety of employers throughout the area.

For further information on the essential criteria for this role and to apply please visit the Barnardo’s Website When applying please quote reference SC14109816

Barnardo’s Scotland is pleased to be working towards the LGBT Youth Scotland Foundation Award.

For more information on this role please contact Cliff Graham: 07920 087 B951