Kincardine & Mearns Community Plan

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Priority 1 Local Development & Impact on Existing Communities – 3rd review

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Intended Outcomes:

Local people feel engaged in the planning process and infrastructure is identified in line with development.


1.1 & 1.2 Partnership Implementation and Community Liaison Groups will work together to co-ordinate and influence delivery plans to ensure the Chapelton Development meets new and existing needs.

1.3 A Hillside working group continues to guide the development of the new school.

1.4 Community infrastructure for new developments will be agreed and delivered through robust assessment and governance.

1.5, 1.6 & 1.7 Ensure appropriate engagement for new Local Development Plan (LDP)



Roads Infrastructure – Commercial and Council.

Council Planning Department.

NHS Grampian.

Transport Scotland.

Local Residents.

Community Councils –

Portlethen & District and Newtonhill, Muchalls & Cammachmore for Chapelton. 

Progress & Results:

The groups are working as agreed.  Existing communities have a good means of feeding into service delivery of the new settlement at Chapleton.  Building has commenced on site and infrastructure will be developed as construction takes place.

A new school is being developed at Hillside. A combined consultation is beinglaunched in December 2014 into this and the existing primary school provision in Portlethen.

The master planning process in place offers informed community engagement and a framework for development. However, ‘build out’ rates often dictate the development of infrastructure.

Engagement is progressing according to the Local Development Plan timetable. Community Council Training events in 2014 covered the LDP engagement process.  Attendance was high and feedback excellent.

 Next steps:

The Chapelton Groups will continue as development continues. Further decisions will follow the primary school consultations in Portlethen.  A master planning excerise continues for Laurencekirk.  The LDP engagement timetable is ongoing.

Lead Partners & Contact:

William Munro

Area Manager

Aberdeenshire Council


Tel: 01569 768200








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