How Equal is Aberdeenshire to Live & Work in?

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People living and working in Aberdeenshire should be able to do so without harassment, prejudice or discrimination.

Aberdeenshire Council is committed to improving the life experiences of everyone living and working in Aberdeenshire.
Please help by completing this survey:

People can sometimes face challenges for a variety of reasons, such as gender or religious beliefs. These themes are known as ‘protected characteristics’.

Equalities legislation in the UK protects the following nine characteristics:

·         age (young people/older people)
·         gender (female/male)
·         race (ethnicity or nationality)
·         religion/belief
·         sexual orientation, or
·         for having a disability
·         being married or in a civil partnership
·         due to pregnancy and maternity, or
·         for being transgender.

The results of this survey will be used to identify any trends, which will be used to develop any actions required to reduce inappropriate behaviours towards people with any of the nine characteristics mentioned above.  This survey is in two parts:

Part 1 asks questions about living and working in Aberdeenshire.

Part 2 seeks feedback on your experience when interacting with Aberdeenshire Council, either as a service user or as a resident of the area.

Answers are anonymous you are not required to provide personal details.
The closing date for the survey is Sunday 14th August 2016.




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