Funding Scotland’s Online Funding Search Now Even Better!

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Funding Scotland is now faster and returns better search results. SCVO have recently upgraded the free funding search website to include a number of improvements and enhancements.


SCVO say:

After listening to user feedback and using the results of last year’s survey we’ve made improvements that will make searching more effective, faster and more user friendly. Apart from looking just a bit cleaner and more professional there are lots of new features to enjoy:

  • The most recently updated funds appear on the search page
  • Using keywords and search terms is much more powerful meaning you will often just need to plug a term like “grants for music for young people” to find what you’re looking for
  • Advanced filters are still there but they’re organised a bit better
  • Fund information is presented in a clearer way with more information than before
  • There are FAQs to help you use the search and to find further information on funding

And, most importantly, the annoying quirks of the old search have gone!

The upgrade has also allowed us to develop new products with extra features that we’ll be announcing soon.

For existing users, although things will look a bit different, accessing the site should be the same as before, using the same login information.

We hope you’ll go and take a look at the new Funding Scotland  search soon, there’s a lot to like. We’d also welcome any feedback at



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