Problems in your community? Let us help

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We all want to be able to enjoy our own home, though sometimes it’s not easy. So many things can cause conflict between neighbours – noise, children, pets, parking – that a situation can easily get out of hand. That’s where Aberdeenshire Community Mediation service comes in.

Mediation is a means of resolving conflict where discussion between parties to a dispute is facilitated by a mediator. The aim is to help those involved to move forward and where possible, find an acceptable and workable solution to the dispute.

Aberdeenshire Community Mediation Service is managed by Sacro and funded by Aberdeenshire Council through housing and Community Safety monies. The service has been working with communities since 2004 and has received over 1,200 referrals. The Community Mediation Service is available to all residents of Aberdeenshire, regardless of tenure type, with referrals being received from partner agencies or directly from those involved in a dispute.

Mediation is free, voluntary, confidential and is carried out by trained and impartial mediators. If you feel you could benefit from involvement with the Aberdeenshire Community Mediation Service, or if your group would like a presentation, please contact Irene Reid on 01224 560572.   Sacro, 110 Crown Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6HJ.


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