Ageing Well – 1st Review

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ID-10041097We will work together to ensure that older people, including those with long term conditions such as dementia, and their carers can lead healthy, active lives, contributing to and being supported in their communities. Where this is not possible, residential care options will enable older people to continue with appropriate leisure activities and maintain contact with their local community. 










Action 1
Public, voluntary and community partners will work together to mitigate against barriers to inclusion and participation for older people by:

  • identifying local needs and gaps in provision
  • better promoting existing activities and examples of good or innovative practice encouraging and supporting opportunities to extend existing or develop new activities and services
Network of Older People’s Forums, Community Groups, Council’s Housing & Social Work and Education Learning & Leisure; Third Sector; Private activity providers; Aberdeenshire Signposting Service.
Identify local needs & gaps in provision – 2014 – 16
Promote existing groups and activities – 2014 – 16
Develop new activity groups – 2014 – 16
Action Progress
1. Going for Gold event was successful. The outcomes were to network, promote physical health among older people and to have fun. Shona Omand-Smith, project manager for Older People is currently leading on developing the network.  The plan is to hold this event again next year.
2. New Men’s Shed co-ordinator currently promoting Men’s Shed concept throughout Aberdeenshire and liaising with an interested group in Portlethen.
3. Library Service will be promoting their new services to encourage new users by visiting local community groups later this year. The current day service provision is currently being mapped.
Problems are noted around sustainability of projects funded by the Change Fund (Signposting Project and MCHLN) beyond 2015 and awareness and use of Signposting Project (see Supporting Healthy Lifestyles priority, action 3)
Success against Outcome
1. Going for Gold Event had 5 care homes participate, 1 day centre and 1 support group. 21 participants plus lots of older people as spectators, P5 from Mill O Forest school & 60 to 70 users of MCHLN independent living service.
2. Well being survey will be distributed to older people in the autumn and winter months. (See Including Everyone in Our Communities priority, action1)
3. Older Peoples’ Change Fund opportunities successfully taken up:

  • K&D Befriending for a home to hospital project. So far 3 patients have successfully received the support of this service.
  • ‘Your Voice’ older people forums led by Ed Garret. Forums are based in Laurencekirk, Inverbervie and Portlethen and give a voice to older people
  • 3rd year of funding for Signposting Project, now extended to older people & linking them to community activities to improve physical and mental well being
  • MCHLN is being extended to Portlethen & Stonehaven.


Action 2
Having measured provision and need, local partners will work together to develop opportunities for new and extended services that:

  • increase awareness of the importance of nutritionally balanced meals
  • allow a wider choice of meals to be provided to vulnerable older people living at home
  • increase opportunities for older people to access community activities where a meal is an integral part of the activity
Public Health Co-ordinator, Council’s Housing & Social Work; MCHLN; K&D Befriending and further Third Sector organisations; Businesses
Review of services 2013-2014.
Engagement with key stakeholders and the wider community – 2014
Extend existing services if appropriate during 2014
Development of new services if required during 2014/15
Action Progress
MCHLN shopping service is being extended to Portlethen and Stonehaven.
Some concerns around sustainability of the service as funded by The Change Fund
Success against Outcome
23 service users have benefited from this service using 5 volunteers


Action 3
A Time Bank (community exchange scheme) will be researched, designed and piloted to encourage individuals to recognise that whatever their age every person has a skill, quality or experience that they can share.
Mearns & Costal Healthy Living Network; CLD/SW Older People’s Development Worker; NHS; Council Social Work; Aberdeenshire Signposting; Grampian Opportunities
Research March 2014
Project development 2014-16
Action Progress
It has been agreed that a scoping exercise will be carried out initially to determine how the project will be carried out, the remit of the project, possible risks etc. Funding has been secured to undertake this exercise.
Meeting to be held on 5th November to progress.
Initially the project was delayed through lack of funding and lack of clarity about the scope of the project.

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