Welfare Reform – 1st Review

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We will make sure local partners and residents feel informed and prepared for Welfare Reform. We will work to identify impacts on residents and seek sustainable solutions where appropriate.

Action 1
A local grouping will function as a hub for coordinating and accessing the resources and activity needed locally to support partners and residents to successfully adapt to the changes within the current Welfare Reform.
Specifically, the grouping will:
– seek solutions for supporting affected residents with budgeting and internet access for benefit applications
– ensure clear signposting information is available for partners supporting residents
– monitor the impact of the changes being implemented through available data and reports from local partners, seeking solutions where they are required
Libraries network, Social Work, NHS Grampian, Police Scotland, Working for Families Project, Community Learning & Development, Voluntary sector organisations such as Pillar Kincardine, K&D Befriending & Citizens Advice Bureau. The Welfare Reform Project Officer for K&M linking to the Cross-Service Welfare Reform Working Group for Aberdeenshire.
1. Development of on-line signposting tool – November 2013
2. Mapping of computer access points in Aberdeenshire and digital support/training – November 2013
3. Initial profile created of claimants in K&M – June 2014
4. Range of information leaflets made available providing details of various welfare reforms – 2014
Action Progress
Information to populate Aberdeenshire on-line signposting tool is being collated.Digital access across Aberdeenshire is also being looked at and a list of places where people can access a computer in K&M is being developed, as well as a list of places where people can receive support or learn IT skills. This mapping exercise will also highlight where there may be a lack of provision, and the group can look at ways to improve this.
Monitoring the impact of welfare reform has still to be developed; however, the introduction of Universal Credit has been delayed.
Welfare reform has been included within an existing health and well-being group and although linked to overall well-being, it is felt that a separate group dedicated to welfare reform may be beneficial.
Success against Outcome
Local partners have been asked to provide any information they have on the impacts on local residents of the reforms so far.The online ‘regional selector’ signposting tool is being developed to meet the concerns raised by partners in K&M and across Aberdeenshire.
The mapping of support / internet access available is allowing partners to prepare for upcoming further changes.


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