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Milltown Community – set in the historic village of Arbuthnott, amid the rolling countryside of the Mearns in South Aberdeenshire  is a busy and vibrant place, five residents live in Milltown House, a big old farmhouse and two tenants live in Peesie’s Knapp, a new wooden kit house . Twenty-two more clients come in every week to the Day Workshop. 

The Day Workshop opened in 1996 to give Milltown residents and clients the chance to work together on different practical projects. This ongoing approach to learning and development has not only enhanced their lives, but made an important contribution to the charity Tools for Self Reliance. Tools donated to Milltown are restored and then donated to the charity for use in Africa. Milltown is also actively involved in a new project with another charity the Global Concerns Trust; this project is funded by the Scottish Government. Restored tools are sent to projects in Malawi, and good quality feedback to be received about where the tools have gone and who is using them. People who work in the Day Workshop have different needs – some have a learning disability, some have had an accident, some have had a stroke – but we all work with our differing abilities to achieve a positive end product that residents and clients can feel proud of.

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Recently as part of the continuing partnership with Eneco Windfarms Ltd. A large number of bird habitat boxes and nesting boxes were made for the creation of wildlife areas that Eneco have been creating. As part of that project, Milltown were asked to produce a number of public signs which will give visitors to the sites information as to  species.Milltown2 Eneco has chosen Milltown Community because of the impressive  activities  carried out by the charity and the strong sustainable learning and  development  ethic within its work. To date, Eneco’s contributions have helped    the charity  build the Eco-Toilet and develop the disabled access to the toilet and  workshop.


This is only a snapshot of a few of the activities that go on at Milltown  Community. To find out more about what’s on offer visit

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