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K & M – Dae Ye Ken?

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In this final week of ‘K&M – Dae Ye Ken?’, delivered by Home Energy Scotland, we REALLY do have something for everyone.  Find out how you can save fuel, reduce your bills and cut your carbon footprint – what’s not to like?

So if it’s reducing water and food waste, making your home warmer and more energy efficient or just how to use your heating effectively this is a week you will not want to miss.

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Tuesday 9 February 12 – 1.00pm    HOME ENERGY SCOTLAND  Love Food Hate Waste workshop

This free one-hour workshop provides top tips and ideas on how you can save money by reducing food waste.

We could all make a massive difference by cutting food waste at home. In this fun, free workshop, attendees will learn about menu planning, storage and ways to use up leftovers and store cupboard ingredients, to help cut down trips to the supermarket and make the food shop go further.

By putting these tips into action, attendees can save up to £437 a year!