Celebrating some EPIC performances

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epic awardThere are reckoned to be over 10,000 voluntary arts and crafts groups and events taking place in Scotland’s communities. It’s a massive cultural movement that thrives under the radar of the more formal, professional arts world. It all makes a huge contribution to the social, cultural and economic health of our communities. It’s about having fun. And once a year this vast and diverse sector from right across the UK have a celebration of all the very best it has to offer. The Epic Awards are open for nominations

Celebrating some EPIC performances – Scottish Community Alliance

Who can enter the Epic Awards?

The Epic Awards are for creative projects that involve citizens, artists and creative people who participate for the love of it and on an amateur basis.

You can be based anywhere in the UK or Republic of Ireland, practise any kind of art form or craft and work with any age group. Your nominated project can be long or short-term, as long as some or all of it took place in the twelve months prior to the deadline of Monday 7 December 2015

A winner and runner-up will be chosen for each of the four awards: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Read the rest of this entry »

Progressive partnership launched for today’s innovative farmers

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Farmers often experiment on their farms, but do so in isolation from others who they could share farmersknowledge with. The new network, Innovative Farmers, can change this. On Monday 12th October, key farming groups came together in the UK Parliament to celebrate the network and find out about the new partners, LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and Innovation in Agriculture. At the centre of the network are field labs, where farmers can meet to find sustainable solutions to common farming problems. All farmers are invited to join the Innovative Farmers Network and farm advisors are encouraged to become group co-ordinators, leading field labs for their groups and linking up with researchers. The partners aim to award over £800,000 to groups by 2020 and farmers involved can also benefit from European Innovation Partnership (EIP) funding.

Visit the Innovative Farmers website