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If you want to dig a little deeper into greener living after the Home Energy Scotland sessions, saving the planet and saving your pocket, take a look at “The (Almost) Zero-Waste Guide” by Melanie Mannarino in Live Life Aberdeenshire’s Digital Library. 

Published in January this year, the guide gives readers 100 tips to be less wasteful without making drastic changes in your habits.  Erin Rhoad’s 2019 “Waste Not Everyday” has 365 easy changes for people wo aren’t ready to go totally plastic-free yet but want a life with less waste.  In our RB Digital e-magazines collection, we have “The Eco Living Book” that can help you to discover alternative energy, lighting, water, heating and recycling for your home, make the rooms in your house more eco-friendly, and learn how to grow your own food and go organic. 

When we can give access to our physical stock again, we’ve also some books for request on improving the energy efficiency of your home including retrofitting for old houses.

Using your library is a great part of your resolve to Reduce and Reuse.  Don’t forget, you can join online now and get free access to borrow, download and read.  You can also get help by telephoning 01467 532929 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm.

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