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Today, Food Learning Challenges!

Learning Activities

We found the best way to learn about food is to present activities in a fun, interesting way which
involves the family members. They worked together on challenges. Here are some examples of
activities that work well in a family learning setting.

Challenge 1; Ready, Steady Cook
You have been given a bag of ingredients.
Your challenge is to cook a meal.
You can use these ingredients, plus
You can spend up a maximum of £2.
We look forward to hearing about what you will make! Take a photo. was it tasty? What would
make it better?

Challenge 2; Meal Planning
Make a meal plan

Use the magazines and recipe books to come up with a meal plan for the week. Do you have
favourite meals you can include? Do you have the same meals on certain days of the week?

Challenge 3; My favourite meal

Draw a picture of your favourite meal on the paper plate.

Challenge 4; Food Map
Make a food map of the world. Where does our food come from? What kind of food do you get
from where?

Challenge 5; Food Scrabble

Make as many words as you can from;
Macaroni Cheese

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