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Volunteer Update – 24 April





We are now nearing the end of our fourth week of working with you to assist those in need across Grampian and it’s time to give you all another update on progress to date.

It is clear that you, and other groups / individuals, who are not registered with GHAC, are doing so much more in your communities for your friends, families and neighbours that we have no involvement with, which is, of course, fantastic.

We now have close to 3700 individuals and 300 groups listed as volunteers and we have called upon many of those listed to assist those in need.  We are however very much aware that some of you have yet to be called upon by us and that you may be wondering why that is the case.  The answer is both straightforward and heartening, it is simply due to the number of volunteers we can call upon, which can only be a positive.

Please continue to be patient with us, and if you are in a position to assist locally, don’t wait for us to ask you.

In closing, we would like to pass on the gratitude of the people you are assisting.  Whilst we know you receive thanks directly, you should also know that the feedback we get from those we ask you to help has been, and continues to be, nothing short of inspirational.

Thank you very much, from the Assistance Hub Team!

Below is a thank you to you from the Chief Executive of NHS Grampian Amanda Croft.

“These are difficult and trying times for all of us across the North East.
“Our healthcare staff throughout Grampian are working incredibly hard on the frontline to tackle this virus and protect the public.
“But, in turn, we need those in the community to protect our NHS by staying home and continuing to follow the government’s advice.
“It is in times of crisis, like we face today, that those who are able are asked to step up and help the most vulnerable in our society.
“When the Grampian Assistance Hub was launched last month, few could have predicted the remarkable response we have received from the people of the North East. I’m pleased to say that you have come forward in extraordinary numbers to protect our NHS and support those most in need.
“Over 3,000 individuals or groups across Grampian have now registered to offer support in their communities. That is incredible. The spirit and enthusiasm shown by people from all walks of life is truly inspirational.
“I give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has come forward: we owe each one of you a huge debt of gratitude.
“But while we get by and cope with the challenge faced today, the challenge that lies ahead is even tougher. Our response and continued resilience to this pandemic is going to require a huge effort across all areas of society.
“While some volunteers haven’t been called upon yet, we are in this for the long haul and the support you have shown will be needed as we work through this. The team will stay in touch and keep you updated about how you can help in your own community. 
“It is still possible for others to volunteer through the Grampian Assistance Hub online, and if you know anyone else who is willing and able to get involved, I would encourage them to do so.
“By continuing to work together, we will get through this and I am deeply grateful for your ongoing support.
Thank you and stay safe.”
Yours sincerely,
Amanda Croft

Did you know? …
Home Energy Scotland can assist if people are having difficulty in obtaining top ups for their pre-payment energy supply due to self-isolation.

It is preferable if issues can be highlighted early, before the energy supply is curtailed, so that measures can be put in place to sustain the supply.

Advice and assistance can be obtained by calling 08088082282 or by visiting the website

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