Brighter Bervie

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brighter-bervie1Brighter Bervie would like to have more active members. The primary activity is gardening in many forms, but newcomers needn’t be horticultural experts nor be big muscled – there’s a variety of tasks to suit everyone and a chance to develop new skills. Regular healthy therapeutic outdoor efforts are usually tackled in a friendly group situation but individuals can work more on their own if they prefer. In addition to hands-on gardening there’s a range of background activities which don’t involve much or any manual work and some can even be done remotely such as assisting office bearers. They meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and on Saturday mornings.
They are looking to fill the following committee member vacancies: Replacement secretary (handling correspondence and record keeping), Funding co-ordinator (searching for appropriate funders and applying for support for specific projects), Communications co-ordinator (circulating news via social media etc.) and an Assets manager (identifying needs for and maintaining equipment etc.). No previous experience is necessary just a willing and enthusiastic attitude and a preference to someone on the local area. If anyone is interested or wants to find out more then please email

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