Mearns Cycle Hub (Formerly Benholm Bikes)

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Mearns Cycle Hub are seeking volunteers to run bike maintenance classes one evening a week, and to help keep the Hub open 2-3 hours at the weekend, subject to volunteer availability, so that people can book their bike in for repair, or hire a bike stand so they can do their own repairs. Volunteers will also be responsible for taking bookings, working with children and adults on their bikes, selling spares, dealing with money, keeping the shed tidy, opening up and locking up. Volunteers will potentially be working with children and may therefore need to be disclosed.
Mearns Cycle Hub plans to open in Laurencekirk in Spring 2017. They want to help more people get out on their bikes, and want to help them learn how to repair and maintain their bikes. The hub would like volunteers to have a keen interest in bike mechanics, and preferably some experience of working on bikes. This does not have to be in paid capacity, a bike hobby is perfectly acceptable. They are looking for people who have the capacity to support and mentor others to learn how to maintain bikes. Volunteers are welcome with little or no experience of any of the following but people would be very welcome with experience of cycling/ cycle ride leading/ people with disabilities / older people/ bike mechanics/ events/ fundraising/ good communication skills, particularly face-to-face/ and a good role model.

For more details on this opportunity contact: The hub are planning to hold a volunteer meeting in early 2017 as part of their preparation for the Spring launch.

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