Review of Dispensing GP practices

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NHSNHS Grampian has been consulting with the patients of six GP practices who currently get, or who are eligible to get, dispensed medicines from their GP practice.

A Review Group will be analysing all the responses to the consultation and will make recommendations to the Board of NHS Grampian.

The Review Group would like to invite any group or individual in the communities affected by the consultation – Auchenblae, Rhynie, Udny Station, Gardenstown, Portlethen and Skene – to make representations or presentations to the members of the Group.

The Review Group will be in attendance at the following locations on the dates and times shown below:




Friday 18 November 2016 in No 14 The Square, Rhynie, AB54 4HD at 1330 – 1800 hrs



Tuesday 22 November 2016 in Auchenblae Hall, Monboddo Street, Auchenblae, AB30 1XS at 0900 – 1800 hrs



Thursday 24 November 2016 in the Westhill Community Church, Old Skene Road, Westhill, Aberdeenshire, AB32 6AQ at 0900 – 1230 hrs



Thursday 24 November in Portlethen Academy, Bruntland Road, Portlethen, AB12 4QL at 1400 – 1800 hrs



Monday 28 November 2016 in the Dreel Hall, High Green, Gardenstown, AB45 3YN at 0900 – 1800 hrs

Udny Station


Tuesday 29 November 2016 in the Udny Station Community Centre, Udny Station, AB41 6QJ, at 1330 – 2000 hrs 

If you represent a group or organisation in the area served by one of these practices, or you are an elected public representative, an independent contractor to the NHS or an interested individual you are invited to make a representation or presentation to the Review Group.

If you would like to do so please email or write to Freepost, NHS Grampian by Friday 11th November. You will be allocated a time and to ensure that the maximum number of people have the opportunity to participate you should speak for 15 minutes or less.

There is no requirement to support your presentation with a written submission, but if you would like to do so please email your submission to the above email address by Friday 11th November.

Please remember that the focus of the consultation has been the following question:

If dispensing of medicines was not available at your GP practice, would you have a serious difficulty in getting your dispensed medicines from a community pharmacy? If you are speaking on behalf of a group, please consider whether you think that patients who currently get, or are eligible to get, their medicines from these practices will have a serious difficulty in getting their dispensed medicines from a community pharmacy? If your answer is yes, please describe what these difficulties would be and who they would apply to.

Please note that the Review Group’s deliberations will continue for some time and no feedback will be provided on the day.  Given the volume of information that will be provided the presentations will be recorded to ensure that an accurate record is kept. Full details of the consultation are available on NHS Grampian’s website – and by clicking on “projects and consultations”

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