Pigeon Saved in Johnshaven!

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This Autumn’s Care and Share Newsletter includes the heart-warming story of Jonathan, a member of the Shared Lives project, saving the life of a pigeon in Johnshaven.

Shared Lives matches people with learning disabilities to community members giving them the opportunity to share time and interests with each other.

When I arrived in Johnshaven (a few months ago) there was a pigeon sitting on the doorstep.
It was really thin, it had not have enough to eat. It could not fly away.pigeon
Andy picked it up and gave it to me to hold.  We went to take it to Michael in the village, because Michael looks after racing pigeons.  He also has a nice rose garden.  The next time I came to Johnshaven I went down to Michael with Brian and Andy.  Michael told he had fed the pigeon up and gave it water. After a few weeks the pigeon was strong enough to fly. Michael loosened it again. It came from Aberdeen (it was ringed). I am glad I saved that pigeon.  Jonathan

The newsletter is available to read at the bottom of the Shared Lives webpage found here.


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