Shifting Horizons

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Aberdeenshire Council

Shifting Horizons; Widening your approach to finding employment
27th June 2016
10.30am – 2.30pm

Mearns Community Campus
Workshops on transferable skills (SDS) and
how to improve your chances when applying for work
(Recruitment Team Aberdeenshire Council)
Volunteering (AVA)
Issues arising from being unemployed (CAB)
Mindfulness and mental health wellbeing in stressful times
Unemployed; long/short term; oil and gas redundancies
Free to all open to drop in or:
To register your interest please contact
Kristeen Barrie, Aberdeenshire Council,
Employment Support Team 01467 629278
Shifting Horizons; Widening your
approach to finding employment

Partners include:
Skills Development Scotland • NHS • Citizens Advice Bureau
• Pillar Kincardine • AVA • Aberdeenshire Council
• Kincardineshire Development Partnership and other agencies

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