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Skills Development Scotland will be holding a North East Employment and SuRGUpport Event at RGU from 10am-3pm on the 22nd June. Businesses from all sectors can exhibit at this event free of charge.

Businesses from all sectors of the economy have the chance to exhibit at the free event, being held at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen on 22 June.

The event is the fourth to be organised by the Scottish Government’s initiative for responding to redundancy situations, Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE), and forms part of the response from the Energy Jobs Taskforce.

Three jobs fairs held last year in the city attracted more than 2200 people who had either been made redundant or were facing redundancy.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is co-ordinating the event in conjunction with a number of key partners including the Department for Work and Pensions.

As well as offering information on local job vacancies, the event will feature information and advice from a number of public sector agencies on areas including job hunting, careers advice and training opportunities.

Download the Event Registration Form

For businesses who wish to advertise vacancies but are unable to attend in person, vacancies can also be advertised at the event.

Download the Vacancy Form

Employers can also e-mail for more information.

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