Medicines in NHSScotland: How does your doctor decide on the best treatment?

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Information for patients and the public The Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee (ADTC) Collaborative would like to give you the opportunity to share the attached draft medicines factsheet within your local networks (including public involvement groups) for comment. We would be pleased to take any feedback on the medicines factsheet, please contact the ADTC Collaborative via by Friday 8 April 2016. The ADTC Collaborative have worked with healthcare professionals and public partners across NHSScotland to prepare the medicines factsheet for patients and the public. This was developed in response to a recommendation of the Health and Sport Committee Inquiry seeking more open and transparent information for patients and the public on decision making on medicines. The medicines factsheet focuses on the patient journey starting at consultation and explains how doctors (or other healthcare professionals) decide whether to prescribe a medicine and if so, which to prescribe. It will replace the 2010 Health Rights Information Scotland (HRIS) Leaflet ‘New Medicines in Scotland – who decides what the NHS can provide?’ We are also considering the communication, publication and distribution of the final medicines factsheet. If you require additional information on the medicines factsheet or would like to provide comments and feedback, please contact the ADTC Collaborative via

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