£150 Grants to Support Your Local Big Lunches

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With the winter nights starting to draw out, it’s not too early to turn our minds to some summer fun!

Small Grants of £150 are available in Scotland to start up MORE Big Lunch events with MORE people taking part!

Scottish Government has made the money available, in line with the new Community Empowerment Act, to encourage a wider range of people to get involved.

A Big Lunch is a simple, fun event to bring neighbours or other groups of people together.  The Eden Project, who run the Big Lunch Campaign, suggest you need just 5 steps to create a successful Lunch:

  1. Pick a venue
  2. Invite People
  3. Bring Food
  4. Decorate your Big Lunch
  5. Have Fun & Keep it Simple!

You can use the money to hold a local Big Lunch event in June but you must apply before the end of March.

Application forms and info here – http://ow.ly/WfZDW

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