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Project Launch Event – Wednesday 20th January 2016

Come along to this drop in event which will allow you to see an overview of the 5 trails being developed within North Kincardine, meet Anne Murray the artist in residence and members of the North Kincardine Public Arts Group and partners involved.

Find out more about the events over the weekend, the proposed routes, the mapping project, public art planned for this year, get involved and have your say.

Folk, History and Tales from KincardineFriday 22nd January 2016

Come along and join us in the warmth of the library for a fly cup, fine piece and a news about North Kincardine.  What should be on the map, what memories do you have, what do you know about the history, its people, places and things?  Get them on the map and help promote the area.

North Kincardine Cycle Trails – Saturday 23rd January 2016

Come and find out about the two cycle trails being proposed that will meander across the North Kincardine area.  During the morning we will focus on the first trail which features the Natural Wonders of North Kincardine taking in its geology, natural history, landscape, seascape and food producers. The afternoon will feature the second trail taking you back to the stories from the ancient road network and the Knights Templar as they make their way home to Maryculter.

Information about the proposed Self Guided Routes will be available on the day as well as being published on Strava.  The Strava routes will let you try them for yourself over the weekend or at another time.  Pass on your comments and add information about what works and what could be improved.  Most of the cycle trails are easily driven, but to get the most out of the routes they are best experienced at a slower pace whether that’s on foot, cycling or by horse.

Family walks and workshops – Sunday 24th January 2016

There are also two shorter walking routes which are being proposed.  The first being in the morning around the fishing village of Newtonhill, Scateraw and its history.  Come along, walk with the artist in residence and share your memories, local stories and events that the area has experienced over the years.  Some areas of the walk are uneven and not suitable for prams and wheelchairs.  Please wear sturdy shoes, waterproofs and warm clothing.

The second walk being proposed is around the natural feature of the Portlethen Moss.  Join the moss group, local rangers and artist in residence and explore this area.  Share your stories and memories of the moss whilst seeing what is around.  The moss is by its very nature, wet.  There are areas of mud which may include the path.  Half of the route is suitable for wheelchair and prams, although this is weather dependent.  Please wear wellies, waterproofs and warm clothing.

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