Improving the Quality of Drug and Alcohol Service in Scotland

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Small Test of Change Fund

The Scottish Government is making available small sums of money to encourage and support improvement in the quality of drug services. We are  looking to invest in local small tests of change which contribute to our ambitions to build and strengthen recovery orientated systems of care (ROSC) across services throughout Scotland and support implementation of The Quality Principles: Standard Expectations of Care & Support in Drug & Alcohol Services.

A maximum of up to £3,000 (non-recurring) will be available per application (if successful). The concept of “small tests of change” stems from the Scottish Government 3-step Improvement Framework for public services. More detail can be found via:

Partnership applications are welcomed. It is expected that the lead bidder will be a third sector provider. It is also expected that applications received will sit within at least one of the following priorities; Prevention, Education, Harm Reduction and/ or Quality Improvement.

All applications should be signed-off by the local ADP. It is expected that any funding application received will clearly align to an outcome agreed as part of a local improvement work underway in your area. The ADP team in your area should be able to support you with this
Deadline for applications and review process

This will be a rolling fund with applications received on a quarterly basis. The closing date for this round of applications is: 29th January 2016.

All applications received will be reviewed and successful bids will be notified within 4 weeks. Light-touch feedback will be provided to any unsuccessful applications.

Project Outline

This section should provide a summary of the issue you are seeking to address and the evidence base (if known) to support it. It is expected that the project will contribute to the progression of your local ADP strategy; this should be outlined in the template provided below. It will also likely contribute to one or more of the quality principles and should contribute to at least one of the following priorities; Prevention, Education, Harm Reduction and Quality improvement. More detail can be found here:

Your project outline should also note what the test of change aims to achieve, how it links to any existing change strategy, and how the test of change will be managed, evaluated and learning shared.

Anticipated outcomes

This section should be used to clearly identify the test of change and the improvement of existing outcomes which are anticipated by the delivery of the change. Your project should highlight one or two predicted outcomes.

Anticipated outcomes for organisation/partnership/service user

In funding any small test of change there has to be clearly identified benefits for the organisation/ partnership and end client/ service user. These benefits may be financial, strengthening of partnerships or broadening of organisational knowledge and experience. They will also clearly define the expected benefit for service users and their families (where relevant). Please identify a maximum of three key outcomes which will be achieved through funding of this proposal. Though at this stage we do not require clear indicators to be set in relation to the outcomes, thought should be given to these at this stage.

Required support from partners

We expect to receive funding applications from third sector providers (to act as the lead grant holder) with a clear partnership focus. Please outline what existing support is in place from partners to support the delivery of this proposal. Partners can be proposed delivery partners e.g. another third sector organisation, purchasers, commissioners, other services/ partners within the ADP, or peer support groups or organisations. Please identify what additional support would be required from partners identified above. All applications must be signed-off by the local ADP.


Requested funds from small test of change fund

Please provide a detailed breakdown of anticipated costs for the level of funding requested. Please note the maximum threshold of up to £3,000 per bid. Funding contributions from other partners would be welcomed.

Review of applications

Please give as full information as possible in terms of how long it will take to establish the test of change, and how long it is anticipated to be run before a robust appraisal can be carried out as to whether outcomes are being achieved. Given the amount of funding available and the concept of a small test of change, it is anticipated that the timescales for delivery and sharing learning will be fairly short (1 – 6 months).


How you will disseminate the learning, and share with others if anticipated outcomes are met. It will be a condition of funding that the learning from your project will be shared and applicants will be prepared to participate in events with others to share learning. We would also like to promote successful tests of change via the Social Services Knowledge Scotland (SSKS) drug and alcohol learning hub:

Exit strategy

Please give some early detail of how long you expect the test of change to last before being evaluated and how you would plan to exit from the planned test of change.





1.1 Please note all organisations involved in the application. For the remainder of the application form, information submitted should related to the lead organisation

Name of Organisation (include all organisations involved:
Is the proposal being made on behalf of a partnership? Yes
If yes, please give details of partners below:
Name of Organisation Role within the Project
Name of Project: (if different to organisation)
Address of Project:
Post Code:
1.2 Details of Contact Person for Project 1.2 This would normally be the person who has operational responsibility for the project and who we should contact about the form.
Name: Title:
Telephone Number:


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