The Crerar Hotels Community Prize

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‘When the old are not allowed to tell their story, the young grow up without history. When the young are not listened to, we lose unique ideas and have no future.’ Gunhild Hagestad, Ph.D., 1999 UN Year of the Older Personskeynote address

Crerar Hotels Trust is a charitable trust funded by the Crerar Hotel Group.

Giving back to local communities to improve the quality of everyday lives is at the heart of Crerar Hotels – our motto is “Hotels with Heart and Soul” – each year almost half of the hotel profits are entrusted to the Crerar Hotels Trust for distribution to charities and community projects local to Crerar Hotels throughout Scotland and Yorkshire.  This year, in addition to these donations and as a pilot scheme, Crerar Hotels has decided to launch the Crerar Hotels Community Prize.  This fund will be awarded to a local community project which brings together young and old people in a meaningful way.


Consideration will be given to any proposal which will result in ongoing interaction between the generations in a community within one hour’s drive of any Crerar Hotel.  The criteria are intentionally loose to allow communities to develop creative ideas which will work for them.  Preference may be given to applications which aim to match funding provided and where there will be a lasting impact in the community.  Each Crerar Hotel will have a community volunteer team who will act as the initial co-ordinators.  Please contact Morag Stark General Manager by email on should you have any questions about the Community Prize or the attached application form.

Applications should be returned to email address above as soon as possible and no later than 4th September 2015 for consideration for this year’s Community Prize.  Each Crerar Hotel Community team will select one proposal to go forward to the judging panel from which the three finalists will be selected.  Presentations from the final three will be welcomed by the Crerar Hotels Trust on 12th November 2015 at GoGlasgow Urban Hotel and the winner announced following all three presentations.

There is no “typical” project however the following list may act as examples:

  • Multigenerational community garden/allotment development
  • Meal preparation/delivery
  • Community assistance for families in need
  • Intergenerational groups that explore community issues
  • Cultural programs involving young people and adults of all ages
  • Construction projects that result in renovated homes, parks or playgrounds
  • Local initiatives that engage multiple generations to address a community problem
  • The establishment or development of clubs and associations where skills are passed from one generation to another.
  • Educational or training trips
  • Anything YOU think will bring together old and young people in your community


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