When do you expect the next bus will come?

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An opportunity for you to have your say about what you expect from your bus service:

The Kincardine & Mearns Bus Forum, made up of bus users, bus operators, Community Councillors and Aberdeenshire Councillors, is a very well attended and lively meeting that always has a lot to discuss when it comes to the needs of bus users.

Kincardineshire Development Partnership (KDP) has just launched a Bus Survey on behalf of the Kincardine & Mearns Bus Forum.  The survey aims to seek opinions from residents and wants to hear from you what your requirements are for a modern bus service along the route of the X7 and the various number 7 routes.

The X7 express bus route runs the whole length of the K&M Area, mainly along the coast, while the number 7 routes serve the towns and villages between Aberdeen and Stonehaven.

The Aberdeen – Stonehaven corridor has been designated as a strategic growth area by Aberdeenshire Council’s Planning Department and is experiencing a rapid increase in population.  Consequently, the A90 is now a very busy road and presents a range of road safety issues as it is considered no longer safe for pedestrians crossing to catch a bus.   Residents attending the Bus Forum have been asking for a circular service that will operate between Portlethen and Stonehaven and serve the intervening villages of Cammachmore, Newtonhill, Chapelton and Muchalls.

One part of this survey seeks to gauge the level of demand for such a service.  The survey also seeks to receive responses on how best the bus services can meet the everyday as well as the occasional needs of the community.

The survey may be accessed online at http://www.kincardineshiredp.org/surveys.html.

The Facebook link is:


Paper copies of the survey are available from KDP, telephone 01569 763246

The survey runs until 31st May 2015.

Michael Morgan

Newtonhill, Muchalls & Cammachmore Community Council

Michael Morgan

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