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Do you run a village hall or community building?

Then you may be interested in KeyStone – an award  scheme that recognises the good work that you do and assists you in addressing any gaps in your current operation.

The KeyStone Award is a quality award scheme designed to give information, support and encouragement to people who manage village halls and community buildings.  It will help you make sense of legislation and regulation, put systems in place to keep things running smoothly and allow you to concentrate on providing the best facilities possible.

KeyStone combines a guide to best practice with comprehensive information resources all supported by the encouragement and assistance of a mentor.  It’s also a management tool that can be used to help you keep files, documents and information organised.   The KeyStone Award provides recognition that you are doing things right, and can be used for promotion and publicity and as evidence of good practice.

Completing the KeyStone Award will help you to:

  • be confident that you’re doing things right
  • comply with legislation and regulation
  • organise your files, documents and information to make life easier for you and future committees
  • understand  where to go for help
  • promote and publicise your organisation and provide evidence of good practice
  • secure a long term future for your facility
  • engage with your community and other local organisations
  • provide evidence to potential funders that you are a well run organisation

Some of the staff in Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action have currently undergone training in Mentoring organisations through the KeyStone process and so if you are interested in discussing this further or considering the KeyStone award scheme then contact:

Ed Garrett –          Tel: 01569 668055

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