Meet Local Community Substance Misuse Worker – Beverley Cattanach

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When we asked Beverley Cattanach, a Community Substance Misuse Worker in the Kincardine & Mearns area, if she could introduce herself to you all on the blog she said,

 “Oh wow have pondered over this for a while and really wasn’t sure what to write that others would find interesting!”

Now, we know that she’s a vibrant and inspiring character (who is rarely seen without a wopping touch of pink in her outfit) and we wanted to introduce you to someone this month who tied together February’s Alcohol & Drug theme and March’s focus on Wellbeing , so we gave her a few questions to get her started.  Here’s what she said:


The first question that jumped out at me was what do I think they should teach in school every day? Manners they cost nothing but mean so much.

What is your biggest fear?

Vertigo Rollycoaster

I’m not good with heights but do love a roller coaster!


If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?  Definitely chocolate of any description, although pasta would be up there too.  I just read this back and it is very apparent that I am also indecisive as I’ve given two answers to both questions! (No Bev, you don’t need to make a decision – look what we found! Chocolate pasta!).

Something I feel passionate about?


Recovery from dependency.  This is happening and growing more and becoming noticeable in our communities – the Serenity Café in Edinburgh, Aberdeen In recovery (AIR) are just two but there are many other examples out there.  Often people can be too quick to judge and label those trying to move out of addiction.

So what else? 

I started working in Stonehaven doing youth work at Cheers drop in many moons ago.  From there I worked three years for the Aberdeen Cyrenians in a six bed hostel for those who were homeless due to their addictions.  This is where my passion to work with those affected by drugs and alcohol really started.

I then worked for Phoenix House a leading charity in Scotland best known for its residential rehabilitation.  The project I worked on was designed to support clients to stay in the community instead of leaving the area for rehabilitation as well as supporting family members and significant others.

I worked for Phoenix in various projects over the 13 years I was there but most recently at Her Majesty’s Prison Craiginches and Peterhead providing 1-1 support and group work for prisoners wanting help with their addiction and delivering the Naloxone programme, which I believe is a real life saver.

Cooking Camera

Currently I am working for Aberdeenshire council in the community substance misuse team and really enjoying it. Part of my role involves supporting those in recovery. At present groups being run include therapeutic photography, cooking, peer support and coming soon a walking group.  If you have any ideas for other activities, leave a comment here!

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