Addiction isn’t a spectator sport. Eventually the whole family gets to play.

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Substance misuse affects us all; many families in our communities have a loved one caught up in alcohol or drug addiction. The lives of these families are overshadowed by despair, worry and isolation.

Recovery is the hope on the horizon that keeps family members going, and it is the whole family that needs to recover.

The good news is, help and support is available, not only for the person battling addiction but for the whole family. However, the fear of being judged by friends and neighbours often consigns families to a life in secrecy and isolation and holds them back from getting the support that could make a difference.

Meeting others in the same situation or talking to someone in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction can help families to realise that recovery is possible and happens a lot more often than we realise.

Recovery – A Family Affair

Making recovery visible in our communities and celebrating the success stories was the aim of a recent Grampian wide event held by Grampian Family Support Forum, a local charity for family members affected by a loved one’s substance misuse.  


Community members, family members affected by addiction and individuals in recovery met at the ‘Recovery – A Family Affair’ event at Inverurie Town Hall on Saturday 24th January to celebrate recovery, exchange experiences and learn from each other.


Moving life testimonies from people in recovery and their family members gave an insight into the traumas families face when confronted with addiction but also told the story of hope, support and change leading to recovery.

Conversation Cafes brought people together that had never met before to discuss how families can work together to achieve lasting recovery and what everybody can do to tackle stigma in communities.

Support groups and community projects provided information on support available and activities that people can get involved in and many participants went away with a new contact and a new perspective.

Those attending unanimously felt that it was a fantastic day with a vibrant atmosphere and more of these are needed to spread the word that recovery is possible and worth it and that families are an important part of it.

For more information or if you are looking for support please contact the Grampian Family Support Forum on 07511 682824 or email or phone Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs on their helpline 08080 101011.

GFSF                                                                                      SFAD

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