Kincardine & Mearns Community Plan

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Priority 8 Ageing Well – 3rd review



 Intended Outcomes:

Enable older people and their carers to remain active in their communities;  ensure residential care includes leisure activities and maintains contact with  the community; ensure support provided around long term conditions such as  dementia and challenge perceptions of age building confidence of everyone to  contribute whatever their age.



8.1 Identify local needs & gaps; better promote existing activities and innovative practice; support the extension and development of activities
8.2 Increase awareness & choice for nutritional meals & access to community activities where a meal is integral

8.3 Research & develop a Timebank project to promote skill sharing


Social Work, CLD, Mearns & Coastal Healthy Living Network (MCHLN), Aberdeenshire Signposting Project, Older People’s Forums, K&D Befriending, NHS, KMAP


As well partners’ own resources, these actions have accessed the Aberdeenshire Change Fund & K&M Community Planning Group budget.

Progress & Results:

A Meaningful Activity Network with various partners including independent care homes is meeting regularly to improve practice.  Development of Men’s Shed in Portlethen with premises secured.

19 older patients at Kincardineshire Hospital supported with a befriender through K&D Befriending – currently at capacity with a waiting list.
Health Walks training being delivered March 2015 and talks with Grampian 50+ network to hopefully work together to identify walk leaders. A library pilot in 2014  provided care homes with e-readers and audio books.  7 older people attended an MCHLN ipad group. 18 older people currently attending at Invercarron Day Care.

MCHLN’s shopping service is at capacity with around 25 people using the service each week.  MCHLN support 4 lunch clubs which are becoming increasingly independent. The restructure of Council Day Care Services to include lunch is ongoing.  A food skills conference in September 2014 started the development of ideas towards supporting better home nutrition in the area.

The Timebank Scoping Study is complete and a couple of local organisations are interested in taking on the pilot project, which will hopefully start this financial year.

Work is being undertaken with Stonehaven businesses towards making the town a more dementia friendly community.

Lead Partners & Contact:

Edith Criggie, NHS

01569 792061
Jean Henretty, Council Older People’s Community Development Worker

Mob: 7810852770

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