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Priority 7 Welfare Reform –  3rd review

welfare reform





Intended Outcomes:

Local partners and residents feel informed and prepared for Welfare Reform and the impacts on residents are identified and monitored with sustainable solutions sought.


7.1 A local group will coordinate and access resources and to support partners and residents to successfully adapt to the changes within the current Welfare Reform.  Specifically, the group will:

  • seek solutions for supporting budgeting and internet access for benefit applications
  • ensure clear signposting information is available for partners supporting residents
  • monitor the impact of the changes being implemented through available data and seek solutions as required


Libraries network, Social Work, NHS Grampian, Working for Families Project, Community Learning & Development, Voluntary sector organisations such as Pillar Kincardine, K&D Befriending & Citizens Advice Bureau. The Welfare Reform Project Officer for K&M will link this to the Aberdeenshire Welfare Reform Working Group.

 Progress & Results:

It was decided to update the existing Grampian Caredata website to include signposting information collected for Welfare Reform and financial inclusion rather than develop a new tool. This should be complete during early 2015.

 A leaflet is now available showing public internet access across Aberdeenshire.

Local data continues to be monitored although the delay in the roll out of Universal Credit has meant that some anticipated impacts have not yet been experienced.

It was felt during in September 2014 that a local partnership focus on welfare and financial Inclusion remained relevant but that the existing working group required reenergising, a re-focus and more local staff and volunteers who were active ‘on the ground’.  A new chair, Dave Sims from NESCU, was elected and an engagement session was held in November to encourage involvement and identify priorities for 2015. The session was well attended with 23 staff, volunteers and residents.  A revised action plan is currently being developed. While the main focus of the group remains the same more emphasis will be placed on local activity and ensuring a wider group of partners are involved.

 Lead Partners & Contact:

Ricki Lyon

Project Officer Welfare Reform

Aberdeenshire Council

01261 813524

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