Kincardine & Mearns Community Plan

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Priority 4 Local Economies – 3rd review


Intended Outcomes:

Our area is recognised as a supportive business environment; where residents, businesses and social enterprises are encouraged and assisted to make their communities self-sufficient.


4.1 Support communities to develop a new Rural Area Partnership in Kincardine & Mearns

4.2 Take forward opportunities to transfer appropriate Council assets to communities to better meet local needs. (See Action 12.2)

4.3 Council will engage local business organisations in the development of a Town Centres Action Plan and Toolbox

  1. Develop and promote tourism opportunities in K&M including developing assets in the Coastal Regeneration Priority Area.

4.5 Council and Business Gateway will work together to support business development in K&M by providing advice and financial support that will sustain and create employment

4.6 Businesses, community development trusts and Council will work together to encourage the development of employment sites across K&M.


Rural Area Partnerships, community members and organisations, CVSA, Aberdeenshire Council CLD & Economic Development, Business Gateway

Progress & Results:

A new Rural Partnership, Kincardineshire Development Partnership (KDP) held an official launch meeting in September 2014.

The Town Centre Action Plan for Aberdeenshire is expected to be produced in 2015. Aberdeenshire Council now has a policy of supporting Business Improvement Districts (BIDs).  An Aberdeenshire Retail Steering Group is

being explored. Town centre visual assessments have been carried out in K&M to assess general appearance.  In Stonehaven, a hawk was used over the summer 2014 to address nuisance gulls. A leaflet on gulls will be available to the public when complete.

Stonehaven Town Partnership is carrying out a feasibility study into the viability of developing the harbour.

To date in 2014/15 two businesses in K&M have received the Council’s Support for Aberdeenshire Business and two businesses have been awarded First Employee Grant support.

An appraisal of employment development options appraisal in Laurencekirk was completed in March 2014 and concluded that the former school site would be best suited for office/industrial use with full demolition of the old building. Laurencekirk Development Trust have input their vision for the town and the Council has developed an integrated Laurencekirk Town Plan.

Next steps:

Work continues for all actions with, for example, the aim that the Laurencekirk Town Plan will include all Community Planning Partners.

Lead Partners & Contact:

Heather Macrae,

Council Economic Development

Aberdeenshire Council

01569 768294


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