Kincardine & Mearns Community Plan

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Priority 12 Enable Inclusive, Multi-User Services and Facilities – 3rd review



 Intended Outcomes:

Opportunities for the co-location of  services/activities/organisations are to be explored and  realised to enable greater access and increased sustainability.  Moreover, accessible services and information are delivered that encourage social inclusion and integration among everyone in our communities


12.1 Review Community Asset Transfer Policy (CAT).

12.2 Work in partnership to achieve community asset transfer where appropriate.

12.3 Share plans for infrastructure and service developments to create opportunities.

12.4 Health and social care integration implemented locally


All Community Asset Transfer Applicants.

Aberdeenshire Council, AVA, NHS Grampian, Developers, NESTRANS and all other relevant agencies.

Progress & Results:

The review of Aberdeenshire Council’s Asset Transfer Policy is complete, incorporating learning from early transfers.  While there remains some frustrations among communities with the procedure, the Council is more progressive in its approach than many local authority areas.  The incoming Community Empowerment Bill will also provide some encouragement to other public agencies to consider the transfer of assets surplus to their requirements where it can be demonstrated as appropriate.

Five Community Asset Transfers have been considered in Kincardine & Mearns.  The Caravan Park in Stonehaven has been a successful transfer with Stonehaven Town Partnership leasing it to a private company and securing a regular income for their community development activity. One has been withdrawn and three others are at various stages of the agreed process.

The new build at Elsick has presented opportunities for joint facilities.  However, with the build rate being slower than anticipated we are still waiting to see what develops.

Aberdeenshire Council Telly Talk points have been designed to offer residents more local access to a range of their services and staff.  The first is to be located at the new Mearns Academy and a further location is to be decided for Stonehaven.

Masterplans are developed for all sizable developments to allow for joint opportunities to be identified and the Council is undertaking to develop integrated Town Plans in communication with communities and other partners.

Lead Partners & Contact:

William Munro

Area Manager Aberdeenshire Council

Tel: 01569 768200

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