Kincardine & Mearns Community Plan

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Priority 11 Online Engagement & Information Sharing Supports Our Partnership – 3rd review



Intended Outcomes:

Local partners are confident using social media to meet their needs of their communities and online platforms are developed to strengthen partnership and community engagement.


11.1 A K&M Communities Facebook Page will be developed and promoted among communities and partners as a means of engagement and sharing information.

11.2 A review of local engagement and information sharing will be undertaken and recommendations taken forward.


Community Planning Group, KMAP, Impact Online, Local and Community Planning Partners as appropriate

 Progress & Results:

The K&M Communities Blog has been focusing on a different topic each month and engaging local organisations to contribute blog posts.  In 2015, the blog will offer a ‘Monthly Meet’ feature on the first Monday of the month that will introduce readers to a local worker or volunteer to continue to strengthen the network of people in the local area.  The blog will feature regular community news on the remaining Mondays.

In February, the local Alcohol & Drug Forum will take on the monthly focus features on Fridays to help them promote themselves and the ‘Big Blether on Alcohol & Drug’ Conversation Café event they are holding on the 25th  of the month.

The K&M Communities Facebook Page has been running since 2013.  Since August 2014 monthly competitions have been taking place to compliment the monthly topic on the K&M Communities Blog.  The competitions are proving successful with local residents with the highest reach of any one post so far being 3,000 people.

A number of local workers have been trained to use the K&M Communities Blog and Facebook accounts.  Further development work is required to make this a truly partnership project.  We would still like to widen the team and are discussing the use of K&M Communities with Kincardineshire Development Partnership as part of their community engagement work.  Further development includes a monthly email ‘Round Up’ newsletter and talks are taking place with local press to feature stories there too.


Lead Partners & Contact:

Community Planning Officers

Emma Kidd & Lesley Robertson

Tel: 01569 768323

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