Kincardine & Mearns Community Plan

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Priority Climate Change – 3rd review

Stonehaven Flood Damage
Stonehaven Flood Damage








Intended Outcomes:

Communities and partners in Kincardine & Mearns are more resilient and adaptive to current and future effects of climate change, including severe weather.


10.1 A coordinated approach will be taken to support communities in K&M to develop their resilience to severe weather by developing a user-friendly template for working Community Resilience Plans.  This will be piloted by an appropriate community before being made available to other interested communities

10.2 Explore interest and options for facilitating training with communities in the carrying out of Community Resilience Plans.


Scottish Flood Forum; Grampian Housing; Aberdeenshire Council’s Sustainability Officer & relevant Infrastructure Service officers; Community Councils; Community Flood Action Groups; K&M Environmental Forum, Police Scotland & other interested stakeholders

Progress & Results:

A draft template for a K&M Community Resilience Action Plan has been developed.  The draft is with the Scottish Flood Forum for the development of graphics.  Unfortunately, this work has stalled due to current levels of workload.

The Stonehaven flood protection scheme is being progressed. The Arbuthnott Drain scheme is for due completion just before the end of 2014.  This will help to reduce the risk and length of standing time of any water which collects in the High Street.

Stonehaven Flood Action Community Group are still active and have monthly meetings within the community and regular meetings and correspondence with the Council.  The Stonehaven Flood Wardens (community volunteers) met in September 2014 and will be meeting again in February.  They currently 90% of 39 Warden positions filled, with just 4 spaces vacant.

Next steps:

The Community Resilience Action Plan template will be pursued and The Council and Police continue to liaise with and support community voluntary action where appropriate.

Lead Partners & Contact:

Stuart Ednie

K&M Inspector, Police Scotland

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