Eat Better Feel Better

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Eaten too much over the Festive period? You’re not alone! heart

The Eat Better Feel Better campaign is a Scottish Government initiative aiming to inspire and support parents and families to make healthy changes to how they shop, cook and eat, with the further aim of improving their health.

There will be a range of activities to support; ensuring communities are engaged from directing people to local cooking classes, a nutrition event or helping people find the best value local food. To support the Scottish Government with their campaign they are looking for information on: details of local initiatives and support aimed at helping families to eat better; case studies of Mums or families who have made / are making changes to their diet; spokespeople who are willing to provide some tips, advice and real-life experiences.

Think you could contribute, let us know.   apple

We’ll let you know what’s on in the local area, check back with k & M Communities for the latest news.

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