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Shared Lives




I read about Shared Lives a few years ago and Sue came out and spoke to my parents and I about it.   She told us that I would get 1-1 support from a Shared Lives Carer in the carer’s home.  I like the idea that the Shared Lives team would get to know me and match me with a Shared Lives Carer who shares my interests.  This means that we got on from the start and can share things we both enjoy.

I am matched with two Shared Lives Carers.  My Shared Lives Carer, Dot, offers day support.  Dot has given me the opportunity to be part a different community which I really appreciate.  Dot and I go to the local library.  Sometimes we go swimming which I feel gives me a chance to relax and I get to try out and feel comfortable in a different pool.  We have been to Castle Fraser and Drum Castle.  I like going for a walk in the castle grounds and we went to the plant sales.  This began my interest in gardening.  We now visit garden centres together and choose plants for the garden.


Since I have been with Dot I have become more confident in using the kettle.  I can now make Dot a cup of coffee and when at home I make a cup of tea for my mum.  Dot and I are a great match as she challenges me to think for myself and also think of other people.

My other Shared Lives Carer, Morag, offers respite in the form of short breaks.  I like the tranquillity and comfort of her home. With Morag I am working on my independent living skills which is preparing me for moving out of my family home.

We make a shopping list together, go the supermarket (I look for the products) and cook the tea when we get back.  I still need support with cooking but we choose the recipes to follow together, I chop the vegetables and grate the cheese, put the ingredients in the pan and stir until they are cooked.  I am becoming more confident in using the oven.

We hope you enjoyed reading Fiona’s story. To find out more about Shared Lives and the opportunities they can offer, please contact Sue Mahony on 07826 535531 or

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