K&M Reminiscence Project – Old Traditions, New Technologies

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We’re a savvy enough species to want to keep what’s worked for us.  However, with the ever speedy development of technology, many tools and skills are disappearing and becoming obsolete.

A desire to preserve a knowledge of our past is another great motivation for reminiscing and K&M Reminiscence Project is using modern technologies to record past memories and traditions.


This kind of mixing of old and new can be exciting and delightful and no one is a better example of this than local community activist, Ian Hunter.  Ian has always worked in media and was one of the founders of local community radio station Mearns FM.  Ian was encouraged into a K&M Reminiscence Project by community buddy, David Graham, with whom he goes back a long way.

The project would like to engage local residents record and share stories, memories and knowledge.  They are keen to link this with Mearns FM and K&M Communities.

Their first recording was made at Johnshaven Fish Festival, with local fishing and farming characters and long-term friends Jim Blues ( the oldest name in the parish! ) and Arbin Nichol.



Jim and Arbin talk about

. . . new technologies, fish finders, bigger boats  . . . how three men used to make a living from 100 creels . . .

. . . raucous Saturday nights out at the Mill Inn at Maryculter or up in Inverurie and Kintore . . .

You can listen to them here.

If you or anyone you know has any stories worth telling (and you all do!), please get in touch with us here at K&M Communities on  – kandmcommunities@gmail.com

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