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Keeping in line with the K&M Communities blog topic for this month, which is ‘reminiscing’, does    anyone remember the inaugural session of   the Transport Futures Forum, held on 29th May 2014?

Whether it rings a bell or not, let us refresh your memory…

The K&M Transport Transport ForumFutures Forum is a new, high-reaching transport initiative rooted in the  community. This exciting project is being supported by a range of partners to allow a collective, global  approach to local transport solutions and is open to anyone with interests and ideas on transport in  Kincardine and Mearns.

The Forum looks at local transport issues affecting our communities in K&M and explores ideas which  could potentially address them. The aim is to give a greater voice to transport users from local  communities and brings together a range of partners to work together to achieve results.

For example, if you are a cyclist who considers the cycle parking facilities across K&M to be inadequate, the Forum provides you with the perfect opportunity to voice these concerns and be heard. This was a legitimate issue identified and discussed at the last forum and resulted in a review of the cycle parking facilities in Stonehaven and Portlethen, with the aim of installing some new bike racks. There are also plans to do the same in Laurencekirk and Inverbervie. So it’s worth coming along if you have a transport issue that you want addressed!

Another action decided at the last Forum was an exploration of community travel plans with the Chapelton development. The Chapelton developers have been assessing the transport needs for the new community and what their plans are in terms of transport links to Aberdeenshire towns and Aberdeen city center and also throughout the neighborhood. Their approach and proposals will be summarized and put forward for discussion at the next Forum.

So when is this next Forum I hear you asking? We want to attend! Well the good news is you don’t have to wait long to voice your concerns and ideas. The next Forum is scheduled for:

Wednesday 3rd December from 7pm – 8pm

Details of location and specific topics for analysis at the Forum will be released in due course. Whilst the discussion will mainly focus on these agenda items, there will be time to raise other issues/topics.

Rooted in community engagement, the Forum is open to everyone and anyone interested in transport issues in their community, so come along and join in with the discussion.

Unable to attend the Forum?

Don’t worry – you can still have your say. Over the next few weeks leading up the 3rd December, we will be posting questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages relating to the meeting agenda and the topics that will be discussed. You can leave comments or email us with your views or email us at: claudia.stuerck@aberdeenshire.gov.uk and we will ensure your views are taken into consideration at the meeting.

K&M Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kandmcommunities

K&M Twitter account: https://twitter.com/KMCommunities

For further information contact claudia.stuerck@aberdeenshire.gov.uk

Hope to see you all there!



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