Memories from Local Councillors – Jean Dick

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With our focus on reminiscing this month what better way to introduce you to some of the people work hard in our area than by asking them about their memories of childhood .  We asked the Councillors elected for the area for their memories.  Here we asked Councillor Jean Dick a few questions and were delighted by her response!

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Jean is Councillor for the Ward 19 Mearns and Coastal area which runs from Catterline down to St. Cyrus and inland to the likes of Laurencekirk, Druntochty and Drumlithie.


  1. Who taught you to cook and what are your memories of this?


Found Image.  Source Daily Mail.  This is not Jean and her mum!
Found Image. Source Daily Mail. This is not Jean and her mum!

“My Mother. Weighing amounts of ingredients, adding them into the pan, stirring and then, licking the spoon. Lovely tastes and smells”.

  1. What do you remember from your first experiences of school?



I lived across the road from the infant school and from the time I was tall enough to look out the window I wanted to join the boys and girls in the playground. On the first day, I ran over, leaving my mother behind at the school gate. I couldn’t wait to get in!

It was a big Victorian school with great high ceilings and windows you couldn’t see out of.  In the classroom we were seated at a large wooden desk with three other pupils. We were issued with slates and chalk on which to write. We had inkwells too and nib pens for our best work on paper. It was messy. My hands were always covered in ink. My first teacher was Miss MacKay. She was a large lady who came from the Highlands and wore a kilt every day and read the bible to us first thing every morning.

  1. What was your first job and what do you remember most about it?


A trainee hairdresser. The smells of wet hair, perm lotions and hair spray.

  1. Who inspired you as a child? What memories do you have of them?

My Aunt Edith. She was a teacher and she had very stylish clothes and shoes, she loved the theatre and she travelled a lot. I wanted to be like her and do all the exciting things that she did and I am grateful that I have.

  1. What are your first memories of becoming a Councillor?


The volume and variety of new things to learn, new people to meet, new procedures to follow and floods of e-mails.

  1. What do you think has changed the most in our communities over the last ten years?

Courtesy and manners and a reduction in community spirit.

Thank you Jean, it has been lovely to get to know you better!

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