The Value of Reminiscence to Kincardine & Deeside Befriending

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K & D Befriending exists to reduce the impact of social isolation and loneliness in older people by matching them on a one to one basis with a volunteer befriender.  A regular visit from a befriender provides companionship, practical and emotional support, and generally improves physical and mental wellbeing.  Reminiscing is recognised as an integral part of what happens. 

K&D Befriending operates with 3 p/t member of staff and just over 100 volunteers!

Brigitte Matthews, Senior Co-ordinator, Kincardine & Deeside Befriending says:

Reminiscence is increasingly recognised as a valuable pastime for older people and one of the most important and enjoyable activities for befriendees and their befrienders. Being able to share experiences in a safe and comfortable environment can help people to cope better both personally and socially and to avoid becoming depressed. Reminiscence can also lead to increased feelings of self worth and self esteem. It helps to put the present into perspective and can be lots of fun. As an element of a befriending relationship, reminiscence activities have the potential to provide stimulating conversation through which the relationship can flourish.

Could You Help?

If you would like to support this great local charity, the Friends of K&D Befriending are doing a clothes collections on Wednesday, 12th November at the Stonehaven Community Centre in the Outside Hall from 09:15 until 12 Noon.  Accepted items: Clothing, shoes – tied together, belts, bags, soft toys.

The clothes will be recycled by Aberdeen Recycling and will go to people in need. Things that can’t be reused will go to a rag collection but K&D will get paid per weight of clothes received.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in taking on a befriending role, you can read more in blog posts tomorrow and Wednesday from two of K&D Befriending’s current befrienders.

You can also contact Brigitte at:
Tel: 01569 765714. 42 – 46 Barclay Street, Stonehaven AB39 2FX

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