K & M Food Skills Conference

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Of the following, what do you think is the most important barrier to eating healthily?

Not understanding appropriate portion sizes

Not understanding the appropriate proportions of the different food groups in the diet

Not knowing how to balance the diet over a day or a few days

Lack of knowledge about cooking

Poor choices when doing a food shop

Making unhealthy choices when eating outside the home

Self-rated food skills are likely an indication of both the experience and confidence a
person has in planning and preparing food. While most adults believe they have some
food skills, their skills may be limited or not fully used. Such limitations of skill, as well as
food insecurity or inadequate access to food  result in barriers to eating and enjoying healthy,safe foods.

 K & M Food Skills Conference aims to tackle these issues and much more.

The event on Wednesday 24th September at Portlethen Academy will bring together groups and individuals with interest and experience in this area. Combining presentations, workshops and local marketplace, the event will be solution focused.

 Interested? Email shiona.watson@nhs.net by Friday 19th September.

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