Stonehaven Tennis Club Are Making a Racket about Tennis!

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Do you watch Wimbledom and feel inspired to pick up a racket?  Stonehaven Tennis Club could be just the place for you!  Pick up some skills, find some components and meet some friends.

Adult Social Tennis

If you’re simply looking for opportunities and people to play, then the adult social tennis sessions on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings would probably be right up your street.  They also have a tournament the first Saturday of each month.

Classes for Adults & Children

OldInstruction  KidInstruction

If you’re looking for more formal input to help you improve your game, there is a range of classes throughout the week for both adults and children.  Click here for times and details.

Mini Tennis Summer Camp


The second of two Mini Tennis Summer Camps starts on Monday next week – 11-15th August  – for children 5 years and upwards.  The camps and the childrens’ classes are organised into colour coded levels which really helps to optimise their progress!  More information and booking form here or e-mail

Author Biography


Stonehaven Tennis Club has its home at the Recreation Grounds Club near the beach where tennis has been played since 1886 when the courts were founded. At one time there were as many as 22 courts, with people travelling from as far a field as Edinburgh regularly and even Oxford to take part in major tournaments. The club at one time even hosted a player at Wimbledon!

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