A day trip to Stonehaven

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There are more than 1,200 castles in Scotland. Although I’d like to be ambitious and say I’ll have time to visit them all, that might not be 100% realistic. With this robust figure it has been quite the daunting task to decide which ones to travel to.

With the help of my trusty Pinterest board and the Scottish tourism website, Katherine, Kathleen and I decided to visit to Stonehaven on Wednesday to check out Dunnottar Castle!
The train ride to Stonehaven was quite picturesque with views of the Scotland coastline and obviously more sheep.

Edinburgh Station

train ride

train ride

After two hours, we hopped off the train and arrived in a little suburban town, no castle in sight. I think visiting Stonehaven is the equivalent of someone coming to study in Boston and saying they’re gonna take a train up to Beverly for the day. Nice little town, but…

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