3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Health from Catterline Business Tonic Nutrition

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We all know that optimum health comes from an optimum diet. But what does that mean?


Well, it simply means cutting the bad stuff out and eating more of the good stuff. But, even in simple terms like that, it can still be impossible to know where to start. Our choices are mainly down to habit, so here’s a few new ones to start!

  1. Eat more fruit. Easy right? Add fruit toppings to your breakfast, have a fruit salad or get the smoothie bug! Green ones, red ones, pink ones – there’s fruit to suit any colour scheme! Try these simple recipes for a delicious boost of vitamins.

  • How about topping your morning oats with some sweet, thick mango smoothie?  Mangoes are full of tummy friendly digestive enzymes plus a hearty boost of vitamin C.





  • Chocolate smoothie anyone? Add a couple of teaspoons of good quality dark chocolate powder to your banana smoothie. You can still have your chocolate fix, but using dark chocolate ensures it’s low in fat and sugar and still retains lots of antioxidants.






  • Can’t decide on a flavour? Have it all! Raspberry, mango and spinach. Antioxidants,
    vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron from the spinach. Processed sugar and fat free. Perfect snack or start to the day.




  1. Eat more vegetables. Eating convenience foods is easy and requires little effort. Luckily for you, adding more vegetables to your diet is just as easy.

Roast – mixed peppers, onion, parsnips and courgettes. Season with herbs and spices

1394007851130111Bake – broccoli and cauliflower are beautiful baked! Toss in a little oil and any combination of herbs and spices you have in your cupboard. How about paprika, cayenne, thyme, salt and garlic powder? Add a little oil and bake until golden. You’ll never eat oven chips again!

Stir fry – Simply flash those veggies in a pan with soy sauce, seasoning and garlic. Done. If you usually add sauces to your vegetables, why not try it without? Think spices over sauces. You’ll aid weight management and realise how tasty they are on their own.

Mash – Mashing isn’t just reserved for potatoes. How about a mix of potato and broccoli, or parsnip and sweet potato? You’ll discover tasty new combinations while taking on board lots more nutrients.


  1. Easy on the snacks. High sugar and refined carbohydrate snacks like biscuits, cakes, ice cream and crisps may taste great, but in reality they’re just keeping you on that roundaboutkale of cravings and hunger pangs. Switch to more nutritious foods such as nuts and seeds, extra fruit, iron-filled hummus and veggie sticks. How about making your own healthy crisps? Toss some kale in a little oil, add seasoning and bake in a low oven until crispy. Warning: very addictive! These snack foods will keep your blood sugar stable whilst boosting your nutrient intake too.


Lynsey Mentier

Author info:
Lynsey Mentier, Diet & Nutrition Advisor living in Catterline with her husband and 5 year old twin boys. She specialises in treating the cause of illnesses like arthritis, IBS, food intolerance and psoriasis from the inside out. She became qualified in nutrition after conventional medicine did little to heal her son’s severe food intolerances. She also works from Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre in the city every other Tuesday. 


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