Soap Making Business Enterprise in Stonehaven

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Blog post from the Forest View Centre:


forestviewIn 2012 our Accredited ASDAN Business Enterprise Group came up with a business plan to make and sell soaps in our service and offer them to our local community.
The group work as a team with each member having specific jobs to do, and these include researching, marketing, promoting, recording the incomes and outgoings as well as making the actual soaps themselves. 
Members have been encouraged to express their creativity through the art of soap making, thus building confidence, motivation and independence.
This also promotes our local community presence through the production of a specialist product that people can enjoy and purchase locally as a gift or for personal pampering.


The soaps are not only sold at Forest View, we also have a range in the local Gift Corner Shop in Stonehaven and Mill of Benholm. Our soap range varies in all colours, shapes, sizes and scents. Some of our best sellers have been strawberry and baby powder scented soaps. We have also produced a range of seasonal Christmas time soaps with Christmas scents and produced some heart and rose shaped and scented soaps for Valentines Day. Our range is ever expanding and we aim to build on the things we have learned within the first year.


We work hard making the soaps and have now expanded to making candles. We continue to have fun along the way whilst also achieving an Accredited ASDAN in Business Enterprise.






The Forest View Centre is a local social work facility offering care and support for adults with a learning disability (or learning disability with a physical disability) who are between the ages of 18 and 65 years old. Care and support can be on a one to one basis when appropriate. They offer a variety of activities including: baking, budgeting, communication, cooking, computers and internet access, drama, employment skills, gardening, relaxation, shopping, snoezelen/sensory stimulation, social skills, swimming, work experience.

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